Benefits of Leech Therapy 

How detox and cleansing can benefit your overall health

We are all tired of products that promise a detox or a cleanse but the outcome is nearly unnoticeable and after trying and trying we usually give up on even trying. We all were there!

But what if I could tell you, you can stop your search here! Leech Therapy counts as a deep cleanse and detox of the body. 


Do you want to know what's all the fuss about Leech Therapy???

Here is your chance to find out with our ONE-OFF INTRODUCTION PACKAGE for all clients new to Leech Therapy.

The package includes the leech therapy session and two medical leeches for our new clients.

What you can get out of the treatment:

  • A relaxed mind and body over weeks... absolutely feelable!

  • Improved Lymph flow

  • The risk of stroke and heart attack is reduced

  • A deep cleanse of your veins and arteries

  • Detox effect on blood vessels

  • Rehydrated fascia

  • Reduced inflammation, muscle spasms and stiffness

  • Stopping the growth of bacteria

  • Suspending growth of fungus

  • Improved blood circulation


  • No regrets


Intro- Package only available here