Benefits of Leech Therapy for Cellulitis

Cellulitis a bacterial skin infection

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Cellulitis is a spreading type of inflammation of subcutaneous tissue. It is a very painful
condition. Cellulitis is characterized by pain, redness, tenderness, local temperature and fever with chills.

Cellulitis can affect any part of your body, but it usually occurs on the lower legs.

If ignored, it may switch over to an ulcer. This condition is more or less similar to Vranashopha in Ayurveda in terms of symptoms or pathogenesis.

Bloodletting is the prime remedy to manage Vranashopha according to Ayurveda.
The Leech is a bloodletting device that sucks the blood from the affected area. Clinical trials and haematological study on 42 patients with cellulitis treated with leech therapy suggests positive results in terms of efficacy and non-toxicity.
   Leech application provides 
  • Significant relief in patients with cellulitis.
  • It provides immediate relief to pain, burning sensation and swelling due to inflammation.
  • There is no alteration in hemoglobin level after leech therapy.
  • It affects lowering total leucocyte count so leech application act, as a strong anti-inflammatory procedure.
  • In the initial phase of leech therapy bleeding time, and clotting time increase but becomes normal after a few weeks of cessation of leech therapy.
  • Leech therapy is a safe mode of therapy, no toxic effect on the kidney or liver was noticed.
  • Leech therapy is very effective in the initial phase of the disease, early intervention is more fruitful, so patient education and awareness are very important.
  • This therapy should be included in rural health programs because Leech therapy is less costly and it is easily available
Our advice - don't wait until after these symptoms manifest before taking care!

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