Wet Cupping Therapy for Diabetes T1+T2

Wet Cupping does not fix Diabetes itself however

Diabetes patients are in the group of people WHO NEED IT THE MOST.

Enormous damage is done to the vascular system with high amounts of sugar/ glucose build-up in the blood.

The Neurological damage from having diabetes comes from the "Damaged Blood Vessels THEY STARVE OFF THE NERVES."

Diabetic patients have a high risk of stroke.

The risk of stroke is significantly reduced amongst those who receive Wet Cupping Therapy.

The capillary obstruction is exceptionally high in diabetic patients. It is caused by the paralyzing or stroking of the veins in the brain.

The patient can become unable to use the right or left side of the body when paralyzed.

Complications associated with diabetes include:

  • heart disease, heart attack, and stroke

  • neuropathy

  • nephropathy

  • retinopathy and vision loss

  • hearing loss

  • foot damage such as infections and sores that don’t heal

  • skin conditions such as bacterial and fungal infections

  • depression

  • dementia

People with diabetes should receive Wet cupping therapy every three months minimum, Breathing Therapy, and suitable Phytotherapy to get the best results.