What Is Hijama Therapy?

Wet cupping, also called Hijama, is a type of ancient medical practice that aims to help the body get more nutrients from its blood by allowing for stagnant blood to be removed by the force of the cups. This therapy has been done for many years and is known as a beneficial co-therapy that can help people to feel better and to help their bodies function more efficiently. The practice looks like it would be painful, but clients don't find it to be so. Even children can get this therapy and do well during the procedure. One of the most popular things about this type of therapy is that it's all-natural. There are no chemicals introduced into the body through this practice. It is used around the world to help with a wide range of symptoms from pain to certain diseases and conditions, and it's developed a good reputation as a healing therapy.

Bleeding therapy may sound extreme, but it's a calming therapy that is helpful for a wide variety of conditions. Before the cupping is done, the practitioner makes tiny, hair-thin incisions into the skin. Then, the cups are placed over that area. As time goes on, stagnant blood is released by the body into the cups. It's a practice that can look scary, but it's actually a calming process that can help with everything from pain to inflammation to combat certain conditions. Bleeding therapy is an ancient art that is known for ridding the body of stagnant blood so that the remaining blood can deliver more nutrients throughout the body. Those who get this type of therapy are looking to improve their bodies with better blood flow and better oxygenation of the entire body through that flow. With improved blood flow, a number of conditions can be alleviated with this natural practice.