Wet Cupping helps with inflammation

The root cause of inflammaiton


A very interesting topic Inflammation. Inflammation is a routine healing and repair process in the body, and still, yet, it can become a problem when it turns into chronic inflammation. All sorts of destruction can occur and cause infections from viruses, bacteria, and pathogens—our own body's reaction to the pathogens that create the damage. 

The collateral damage is done by our body's Immune Inflammatory Condition Response which we should be concerned about and understand.

In more simple words, the excess amount of inflammation creates the collateral damage like

autoimmune diseases, rheumatoid arthritis or alopecia, and the common theme for autoimmune diseases is inflammation.

Or old injuries where the body creates this inflammation and persists over the years, creating problems causing stiffness, scar tissue, causing pain, and attracting more toxins while producing toxins. 

Inflammation responses are forms of the immune system that becomes active as self-defence creation from the stressor and are considered dangerous if they persist. 

So, if you can get rid of inflammation, you can get rid of the complications, symptoms and problems coming with the autoimmune diseases, Inflammation.

Wet Cupping therapy can be utilised for prevention, controlling and reducing effort against inflammation problems. 

Causes of inflammation

  • medication 

  • lack of cortisol

  • allergies

  • chronic infections

  • gut inflammation 

  • glucose/ sugar 

  • fat cells 

  • old injuries 

  • problems in the bile ducts

  • low Vitamin D

  • high omega 6, low omega 3

  • environmental toxins 

  • frequent eating 

  • too much iron

Wet Cupping in the action of inflammation

Based on research results and our own experiences, Wet Cupping therapy can


  • remove toxins, uric acid, glutamic oxalacetic transaminase, heavy metals, parasitical activities, and fluids 

  • reduce lipoprotein levels

  • blocks inflammation 

  • improves lymph and blood circulation

  • clears intestinal fluids 

  • improves capillary circulation by filtration and cleaning of capillaries at both ends, preventing the hardening of arteries

  • restores homeostasis

  • removing hyperaemia in organs and vessels 

  • controls and prevention of glucose build-up 

  • Wet cupping mimics an artificial kidney 

  • looses up adhesion and fascia incl. increase in collagen and elastin 

  • hormonal adjustments 

  • cardioprotective effects 

  • boosts the cutaneous and muscular flow 

  • release of B endorphin and adrenocortical hormones

  • increases antioxidant levels and reduces oxidative stress 

Wet Cupping stimulates the nervous system and modulates the immune system by improving the amount of TCD8 and NK cells, which means the immune system rises after getting wet cupping therapy.

What you can do at home to reduce inflammation 

  • enough Vitamin D and K2 ( K2 will protect you from calcium build up in the arteries from Vitamin D)

  • avoid flaring up from allergies

  • chronic infections 

  • Zinc L Carnosine 

  • Vitamine E (Tocotrienols) 

  • low carb and intermittent fasting to drop inflammation 

  • fasting, Vitamin D and Tumeric 

  • purified bile salts

  • more omega 3, less omega 6

  • monitor your iron levels 

Not every Iron in foods is healthy for us.

Let's take the example of iron in grains. A documentary revealed where the farmer took a magnet to the grain, and the grain was magnetised towards the magnet. 

The amount of iron in the grain was too high.