Documentary on WET CUPPING

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Wet Cupping on Netflix is set to air soon ! 

January 21st 2022


The Netflix team has reached out to us and asked if we could assist in the process of creating the first-ever wet cupping therapy documentary. We are beyond excited about this opportunity, as it will provide an in-depth look at how one treatment is being used by many people around the world with various health conditions that often require pharmaceutical drugs and costly treatments. 

This is not just a story about wet cupping, it's the future of natural healing possibilities and, treating diseases in a natural way.
In this captivating film, we will witness first-hand as they explore the ways in which people are using Wet cupping therapy to heal themselves and gain back control over their lives!

EXCITING! Because of your help and support over the years, we're able to do so much more!

On this occasion, we would like to extend a warm sentiment of gratitude to all of our loyal

clients who made this possible and we hope that we have been able to help and make life a little better for you. 

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ProHealth Therapy 

What a unique time for us to be privileged to help Netflix to create a documentary about

Wet Cupping Therapy. 

Wet Cupping on Netflix soon on-air!                                                                                            It all started in January 2022, when we got the first phone call and we all were convinced this must be a prank.