Wedding Bouquet
Wedding Bouquet

With just a click you can purchase what you need and save money 

Who knew the art of gift-giving could be so much fun?

Traditional Gift Card

With our unique gift card process, your receiver can finally get what they deserve — a thoughtful and unique gift card that they couldn’t receive from anywhere else. Browse through our available options. In just a few simple steps, your one-of-a-kind gift can be shipped and on its way to being opened by your loved one in no time.

Regular Wet Cupping
Head Wet Cupping 
Dry Cupping 

* Paper Cards are shipped within 2 business days 

or choose a classic

* Delivered within minutes 


* Gift Cards are valid for six months

* Gift Card is not transferable

* Gift Cards are only redeemable on Thursdays

* Gift Cards not redeemable on specials 


Regular Wet Cupping 

(max.12 cups)

3 Treatments for    $210

6 Treatments for    $405

9 Treatments for    $593

Wet Cupping on Head or Face

3 Treatments for $285

Dry Cupping 

(max. 15 cups)

3 Treatments for $165

6 Treatments for $315


3 Treatments for $360

6 Treatments for $705

*Packages and Vouchers are not transferable 

*Packages and Vouchers are only redeemable on Thursdays

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