Science on Leech Therapy

The Leech saliva reveals the presence of a variety of BIOACTIVE PEPTIDES and PROTEINS involving:

Antithrombin (hirudin, bufrudin),

Antiplatelet (calin, saratin),

Factor Xa inhibitors (lefaxin),

Antibacterial (theromacin, theromyzin) and others.

Leech Therapy is beneficial for:

Cardiovascular diseases, plastic surgery, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, arthritis, ear and hearing problems, hepatitis, kidney diseases, skin diseases, nervous system abnormalities, urinary and reproductive system problems, inflammation, vascular diseases, venous diseases, sports injuries, dental problems, epilepsy, brain congestion, acute gastritis, hypertension and eye illnesses, gout, headache, whooping coughs, ischemia, gonarthritis, hemorrhoids, cancer, metastasis, infectious diseases and the

SUPERB BENEFICIAL usage of leeches in the management of coronary thrombosis.

HIRUDIN is more effective than HEPARIN (Heparin is used to prevent blood clots from forming in people with certain medical conditions).

Studies revealed that hirudin is more effective than heparin in preventing deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and ischemic events in patients with unstable angina.


HIRUDIN has the advantage of exerting a direct inhibitory effect on thrombin without the need for endogenous cofactors. 

Unlike heparins, hirudin has promising prophylactic activity in patients who are at a high risk of developing cardiovascular events because it can hinder thrombus growth due to its ability to block thrombin-fibrin binding. Consequently, it was reported that hirudin can reduce DVT, pulmonary embolism, and the spread of venous thrombosis

* Preventing the blocking of arteries and veins

* Vasodilating effect (widens the blood vessels)

* Thrombolytic effect (blood clots dissolving effect)

* Anti-inflammatory effect

* Antiseptic effect, stops the growth of microorganisms and bacteria

* Blood circulation improvement

* Risk of stroke and heart attack is reduced and a


Leech can suck blood from deep veins which cannot be reached by the conventional wet cupping.

Hirudin is the only hematophagous animal-derived anticoagulant that has been approved by FDA for clinical purposes.

  • Can reduce blood hypercoagulability with an anti-inflammatory effect in patients with thrombophlebitis, likewise, patients with phlebitis who received topical leeching exhibited better walking ability, less pain, and minor leg swelling, along with near-normal leg skin colour.

  • Factor Xa was identified to play a key role in the human body's hemostasis.

  • A promising tool for Fibrinogenolytic

  • Leech saliva could be more powerful as an antimetastatic drug

  • The salivary gland secretion of the proboscis leech could suppress metastasis of melanoma, breast cancer, lung cancer, and prostate cancer and

  • Hirudin preparation as an efficacious metastasis inhibitor of a wide range of malignant tumor cells, such as pulmonary carcinoma, breast carcinoma, bladder carcinoma, colorectal carcinoma, soft-tissue sarcoma, leukemia, and lymphoma

  • 17-kDa protein, called antistasin, has the capability to prevent lung cancer colonization

  • Hirudo medicinalis can completely cure the local lumbar pain in patients with advanced stages of renal cancer and leiomyosarcoma

  • H. manillensis display an antiproliferative activity in vitro against small cell lung cancer

  • Leech therapy as an antihyperglycemic medication

  • Hirudin plays an essential role in preventing the clotting process because of its ability to bind thrombin and consequently suppress the thrombin-mediated conversion of fibrinogen into fibrin enabling it to be efficacious for the relieving of ischemic events

  • Calin, isolated from H. medicinalis, has been proven to obstruct the formation of thrombi as described above and paramount benefits to diabetic patients

  • Antibiotical and antibacterial effect against both Gram-positive and Gram-negative strains

  • Beneficial usage of the leech extract in cleaning products for hospital disinfection and the daily domestic cleaning

  • Painkilling effect in patients with osteoarthritis, disability improvement reduced stiffness and inflammation in arthritis

  • Leech therapy as an analgesic for iliosacral joints pain and cervicobrachialgia syndrome

  • Remedy for abscess, treatment of tinnitus, acute and chronic otitis

Leech Therapy for Chronic Wound Healing
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Benefits of Leech salvia (LSE, protein, and enzymes)

The salvia is beneficial for:

  • cancer

  • skin disorders

  • arthritis

  • elimination of microcirculation disorders

  • removing hypoxia 

  • restoring organs and tissues

  • decreasing blood pressure 

  • detoxifying

  • increased immune system 

  • pain manager 

  • priapism 

  • macroglossia

  • wounds and many others

  • relief from the hostile complications like strokes and infarcts, and the organism’s bioenergetic status improvement

Leech Salvia ​contains

Hirudin: Anticoagulant (blood thinner)

Hyaluronidase: Possesses antibiotic futures, Hyal associated with Hyaluronic acid HA and HA motivates the spreading, migration, attack and cancer cells metastasis. 

Destabilase: Enzyme possessing glycosidase activity. Showing both fibrinolytic and antibacterial actions and stabilizing fibrins. 

Eglin C: Contains 70 amino acids, powerful prevents chymase, alpha chymotrypsin, subtilisin, elastase and cathepsin G. Eglin C is a therapeutic agent against various pathogenic elastic tissue agents, blood clotting disorders and inflammatory processes. Valuable in diseases induced by neutral granulocytic proteinases. 

Factor Xa Inhibitor: Hinders Xa activity it plays a vital role in arthritis and osteoarthritis. 

Hirustasin: Contains 55 amino acids peptides and most elementary proteinase inhibitors: 

Trypsin, chymotrypsin and neutrophil cathepsin. Contributes to normal blood pressure and can be applied as an antimetastatic protein with no anticoagulant

effect n colorectal cancer and breast cancer. 

Bdellins: Antiinflammatory effect and hinders plasmin, trypsin and acrosin. Anticoagulant!

MLT is not suggested in cases with hemorrhagic diathesis, leukemia, bone marrow suppression, anticoagulant therapy, cirrhosis, dialysis, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

Leech Therapy is beneficial in the reduction of pain, tenderness, stiffness, crepitus, and swelling in the patients of osteoarthritis.
Leech Therapy for nonhealing venous ulcer in systemic sclerosis. 
Screen Shot 2021-11-10 at 09.11.29.png
Calin, a product from the saliva of the leech Hirudo medicinalis, was tested in vitro and for its in vivo activity in thrombosis

Calin from the leech Hirudo medicinalis is able to bind to collagen, to effectively interfere with platelet-collagen interaction, which results in an antithrombotic effect observed in a platelet-rich thrombosis mode

Hirudo Medicinalis uses not only hirudin3' to prevent thrombus formation in the bite, but also a fast and long-acting inhibitor of platelet adhesion aggression with a direct action on collagen

Neonatal circumcision
Glans amputation with successful replantation has been reported. Herein we report a case of complete amputation at the penile midshaft in a 28-day-old neonate with a unique approach to postoperative care including the use of leech therapy