Leech Therapy

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  • 2 hours
  • 195 Australian dollars
  • SPRING RETREAT 357 Glenmore Road Paddington 2021 NSW

Service Description

Your therapeutic LEECH THERAPY explained. Leeches have been used for many diseases and as a remedy for many chronic and life-threatening abnormalities, such as cardiovascular problems, cancer, metastasis, and infectious diseases, in plastic and microsurgery as a protective tool against venous congestion for cosmetic purposes. The Leech saliva reveals the presence of a variety of BIOACTIVE PEPTIDES and PROTEINS involving: Antithrombin (hirudin, bufrudin), Antiplatelet (calin, saratin), Factor Xa inhibitors (lefaxin), Antibacterial (theromacin, theromyzin) and others. HIRUDIN is ten times more effective than HEPARIN (Heparin is used to prevent blood clots from forming in people with certain medical conditions). HIRUDIN has the advantage of exerting a direct inhibitory effect on thrombin without the need for endogenous cofactors. * Preventing the blocking of arteries and veins * Vasodilating effect (widens the blood vessels) * Thrombolytic effect (blood clots dissolving effect) * Anti-inflammatory effect * Antiseptic effect, stops the growth of microorganisms and bacteria * Antibiotical effect * Blood circulation improvement * Risk of stroke and heart attack is reduced and a * NOTICEABLE BOOST OF YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM Leech Therapy is a complementary source of medical therapy for a large number of ailments, including diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, arthritis, ear and hearing problems, hepatitis, kidney diseases, skin diseases, nervous system abnormalities, urinary and reproductive system problems, inflammation, vascular conditions, venous disorders, sports injuries, dental problems, epilepsy, brain congestion, acute gastritis, laryngitis and eye illnesses, gout, headache, whooping coughs, ischemia, gonarthritis, hemorrhoids, and the SUPERB BENEFICIAL usage of leeches in the management of coronary thrombosis. Leeches suck blood from deep veins, which cannot be reached by conventional Wet Cupping Therapy. Price represents the beginning of the treatment and up to 2 hours. Before booking your treatment, please make sure: * You purchased your own set of Medical Leeches with us. * You read the possible side effects on our website and make sure you are suitable for Leech Therapy. * You read the Before and Aftercare for Leech Therapy on our website. Please get in touch with us if you have any questions!

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations made within 24 hours incur a charge of 50%. Failure to attend without notice will result in a charge of the full amount.

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