Deep gluteal syndrome/ piriformis syndrome


‘Nobody could help me over 18 months, but they all wanted my money’.


January 2018

‘Unbelievable! I pulled the piriformis muscle at the gym and all the drama started. The worst condition you can ever experience.


My foot moved inward with extreme chronic stiffness ... nobody can help! Bakers cyst in knee... best option cortisone injection.


Seven months passed and all the professionals kept recommending that I keep going to the gym.


Suddenly, I suffered from lower back pain and displacement - normal things like sleeping, sitting, walking became a huge problem. I lost my job and was unable to work.


November 2018

Second sciatic nerve injection close to gluteus medius and obturator externus muscle. Two ampules of Celestone Chronodose and Marcaine. Did not help!


19 December 2018

Third cortisone injection, L5 Perineural injection. Celestone and Lignocaine into L4/5. Did not help!


29 January 2019

Fourth cortisone injection; into sciatic nerve just above gluteus maximus and obturator externus. Did not help!


16 April 2019

Fifth sciatic nerve injection with celestone into buttock. Did not help!


Meanwhile, the problems mounted:


  • Couldn’t urinate, followed by couldn’t hold urine

  • Couldn’t find the right position to sit, sleep

  • Couldn’t walk or make big steps, walking up or downstairs was followed by intense pain

  • Muscle groups just turned off/ disconnected

  • Blood pressure was always very low

  • Muscles became stiff and dry

  • No stability, but I kept doing stability exercises as much as possible with screaming and foam rolling.

  • Ended up in Emergency many times, and as always nobody could help.

  • Heart spasms and breathing problems

  • Muscle spasms everywhere - if somebody just touched me, I screamed

  • Acupuncture session - crying, couldn’t do it!

  • Massages created just more and more problems

  • Grinded my teeth - the cortisone injections dried me out or burned me from the inside.

  • Prescribed Mobile15, Targin and Lyrica - constant concentration and memory issues a year later

  • SI felt loose - constantly fell forward while sitting.


March 2019

Still had leg pain, hip moved up constantly, lower back felt loose, upper back felt completely numb: 



  • IT Band was inflamed

  • Calves stiff

  • Hip pain

  • Hip flexors were painful

  • Sacrum was inflamed always

  • Ankles felt loose, had no stability.

  • I constantly smelt sulphur for some reason.

  • My thighs were full of knots 

  • Couldn’t lift 3 kgs or I would be in pain

  • My whole body was cracking when moving around

  • Waking up in the morning I felt exhausted

  • Adrenal pain

  • Face lymph system blocked.


April 2019

I thought, ‘it can't get any worse’ but it did!


It went into my neck and face, I tried to roll out my cheeks, jaw and neck, but it was too hard. My shoulder moved up - I pushed it down, but it kept coming up.


I tried to put a glass to my mouth to drink, but my head moved to the left so that the glass ended up on my cheek.


Deep gluteal syndrome was followed by intense tiredness which moved to different parts of my body. For example, today my left knee was very tight. I tried to foam roll it, but screamed when just putting my knee on the foam roller.


But I was determined to get the tightness out. Every evening I was in the steam room and foam rolling my knee for one hour. Three weeks later the left knee was fixed, but then the same problem started on the right knee.


I couldn't fix my back, neck, shoulder and face and just cupping was not enough.


Wet cupping/ Hijama was the only thing which helped me 100%. I should have used Hijama from the beginning when I pulled the piriformis muscle in January 2018.


During the whole time I was ill, I had 3 physiotherapists, 2 chiropractors, 2 sports doctors, 3 spine and orthopaedic surgeons and 2 GP doctors working with me. Nobody could help me and nobody had a solution!


Within only 3 months of Hijama Therapy, I easily improved by 75% and the therapy was all pain free - you just lie down, no tears, no screaming.


I highly recommend Wet Cupping. Yes, it looks unattractive, but you will not care after you feel the benefits. You have nothing to lose!  


Today I am back to 94% health. I still go for Hijama sessions and each time after wet cupping, I get better and better!’


S.M. from Vaucluse

February 2020

Wet Cupping for shoulder and neck pain 


‘I am a Yoga and personal trainer. I also worked for many years as a painter and through the same constant movements I experienced nerve and muscle pain, particularly in the shoulders and neck.


At first, I was worried about getting a skin infection from the Wet Cupping therapy, but after seeing Sasha’s high standards of health and safety, and being assured by her that the process was pain free and hygienic, I decided to give it a go. The pain couldn’t get any worse!


I have now been benefiting from Wet Cupping for 3 months and can definitely say that it helps a lot - it’s a great relief for your muscles and nerves.


After work, I can focus again on relaxing and strengthening other muscles, without being preoccupied with what is wrong with my body.


As a Yoga and personal trainer, I recommend Wet Cupping to all athletes who want to get the best out of themselves and play their best.


Andrea L. from Rushcutters Bay

December 2019

Read how Alex L uses Hijama for arthritis management when he is in Sydney


‘Hi, I’m Alex, aged 58 years.


I have arthritis on my left ankle and knee. For work, I travel between Australia and Dubai and my arthritis gets worse when flying and changing countries.


Hijama is a common treatment recommended in my religion, so getting the treatment in Dubai is always available. But my problem was that when arriving in Sydney there was nobody to remove the stagnation created through the air pressure in the plane. I work with multinational companies, so it is expected that I be 110% switched on.


Lucky for me, I eventually found Sasha and she treats me when I am in Sydney.  With her therapy stagnation and congestion was removed straight away.  I always feel good after the treatment.


Thanks Sasha...See you soon!’


Alex L.

October 2009

Kirsten B from Randwick found relief for teeth grinding from Wet Cupping 


‘I was grinding my teeth for decades.


I used mouthguards but they were uncomfortable. Everybody knows the difficulty of falling asleep with a mouthguard and I mostly throw it out unconsciously while sleeping.


I tried meditation etc, but the teeth grinding always came back, mostly at night.


Sasha applied Wet Cupping to me and YES, the teeth grinding stopped. I wake up now with a relaxed jaw. I love the feeling of waking up again with a completely relaxed face and not worrying anymore about whether I might have broken a back tooth or not got a good night sleep.


Hands up for ProHealth Therapy.’





July 2013

Kirsten B. Randwick 

Our Wet Cupping client from Bondi Junction said:


‘I had a Wet Cupping treatment with Sasha and can happily confirm the treatment is not painful.’


Lena L.

22 December 2019

Tim R from Woollahra, on using Wet Cupping for high blood pressure


‘G’day! My name is Tim and I’m 43 years young.


I had high blood pressure readings for 6 years and was taking tablets daily.


I met Sasha through friends and explained to her my constant concern of suffering from a stroke one day while I am a busy single dad with an 8 year old boy.


My high blood pressure was caused by the sad passing of my wife from stomach cancer.


I would have Wet Cupping twice a month and my blood pressure reading went from super high to normal.


I started to go for runs every morning again and my GP slowly reduced my tablet intake.


Today I have a normal blood pressure reading. I don’t need to use any tablets anymore … I do heaps of sports and go for Wet Cupping with Sasha to keep the body detoxed.’


Tim R. from Woollahra

October 2009

How Hijama therapy can help with knee surgery


‘I live in Montenegro, Europe and was suffering from an acute infection in my leg and was in severe pain because I desperately needed a knee replacement.


I finally was able to have my knee replacement surgery, but suffered from an after-surgery infection.


By the time my daughter, Sasha, arrived in the country I was very ill. I had lost over 30 kgs, was diagnosed with diabetes, had heart problems, anxiety issues and sleep problems. I was weak, suicidal and incapable of doing simple daily tasks like feeding, bathing and washing myself. My leg that had the knee surgery looked like a stiff, dead, tree trunk, not belonging to a human body.


Sasha started dry and wet cupping therapy, exercising my glutes, hands, abdominals, feet, and calves, spine lengthening, stretches and massages.  She took me on long walks and conducted mental and breathing exercises.


After four weeks of wet cupping, my leg started to look more and more like a human leg. By about the sixth week, my leg looked like my other leg. 


I can now walk without walking sticks. I can catch the bus, go shopping, walk up and down hills. I have no back pain and my immune system is strong.


Blood tests with my GP show that my diabetes no longer exist, and I can start reducing my heart and other medications. 


I am so thankful for Sasha and her Hijama therapy for giving me a new lease on life, even at my age!’


Alexander M. from Montenegro

02 January 2020

Here’s how Hijama for anxiety helped Alen D from Manly 


‘I came to see Sasha for hypnosis because I had suffered from anxiety and depression for a long time.


After talking with Sasha and explaining to her the ‘head guns’ which I always experience, she advised me to have Hijama therapy.


I was disappointed because I really wanted to experience hypnosis, but followed her advice. Hijama was very beneficial for me - I felt much better on day 2 after the first treatment. I remember sitting in my chair and thinking ‘I really feel good for no particular reason’.


As I continued the treatment, I became really aware of feeling both good and bad. But something strange always happened when I felt bad. The bad times (which became rarer/ lighter) were different to the bad times before Hijama. Now I was able to manage the bad feeling and not let it drag me down to the lowest point of my life, where I hated myself and everything around me.


This bad feeling was much lighter, it was teaching me to find things to do and be passionate about. I was also suddenly more observant of my environment. I could now get myself out of a bad stage so much easier.


To feel good now takes nothing more than going for a walk in the park and listening to music. I feel positive and that only good things can happen to me. So simple, but satisfying!


I remember how difficult it was to go through a day’s work with breathing problems. But through weeks of Hijama treatment, everything became clearer.


The miracle is that if one particular thought pops up, it comes without a hassle - it comes purely as guidance and that’s why it's suddenly so easy.


Keep your thoughts positive. It’s like a scale where the heavier weight goes on the side of positivity. You know exactly what to do to survive!


I highly recommend Sasha to everybody and deeply hope all the best for you. Thank you so much and God bless you.’


Alen D. from Manly

June 2005

Al Hijama boosted Saban H’s immune system


‘Assalamu alaikum,


Sasha treated me in August 2019, over a period of two months.


I had issues with my immune system for the past 2 years. I constantly got sick for no reason, but my blood tests showed all normal results.


Doctors would tell me that I just imagine all this. Terrible!


If I would go out for drinks (I am not even a big drinker), I would feel ill the next day.


Everything just became a problem; even a stronger breeze would make me sick and tight around my abdominals.


I can confirm that after Al-hijama treatment, I now live a normal life again. I haven’t really been sick for a number of months and it doesn’t feel like I am going to be…..still going every 3- 4 weeks for Al- hijama.


Walaikum assalaam.


Saban H.

January 2020

Lymphatic system blocked


My name is Victoria and I used botox and fillers for many years. But my fillers started to look like somebody used poor materials in my face and the botox made my face really fake-looking. I suppose over years of using cosmetic fillers and botox my lymphatic system could not deal with it anymore.


I went to see Sasha and she did Wet Cupping on my face. I was scared of having long -term scars after the treatment, but Sasha assured me it would not scar, only 7 days of light bruising. 


I had 3 sessions with Sasha and my face looks absolutely amazing! I have no scars on my face and the filler and botox settled in my face just as it was supposed to.


I am so glad I had this unique therapy and I will definitely be back if have repeat lymphatic blockages.


Victoria B.

14 May 2019